Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Customer service, Thai style

Last week, whilst in a rush to get to my bus on time, I left the house without any cash in my wallet. No problem, headed to the cash point with my card...


Crap, next nearest cash machine is 15 minutes away and my bus is due any minute, they come every 30 mins...I'm in trouble!

I headed over to the ubuquity that is SevenEleven, surely I can get cash-back here?


Crap, I'm going to clock in late...again...not good.

But wait...what's this?

The young chap behind the till is offering to give me a lift to the other cash point and back?

My lucky stars.

He was my lifesaver, I never forget to flash him a big smile when I see him around. I'm sure many other farangs (foreigners) have experienced situations like this in which Thais have gone out of there way to help Jonny Foreigner. Thanks to all of you!

Somehow I can't see this scenario playing out in London, where everyone keeps their heads down and their iPods loud on the tube. It's a cultural thing, Bangkok is a big city yet it doesn't live by the same rules.

New Year's resolution 

I: be friendly friendlier in the morning and exchange smiles and pleasantries like my fellow commuters

II: learn Thai morning pleasantries and work on that smile

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