Sunday, 5 June 2011

A belated return

It has been a long time since Christmas and my last post but I've resolved to be more active here, and with that there is a change in the theme.

The lack of blogging is actually very poignant as life here in Thailand has changed since this site started some two and a half years ago.

With a regular office job, apartment in Bangkok, two kids and all that goes with it times have certainly changed since Jonny Foreigner emerged. No longer am I/we carefree in the sticks, instead life is much more like it would be back in blightly, but with the benefits (and issues) of being in Bangkok - but it's ok because that was the aim all along.

More soon...I hope!


Froggy said...

Glad you're back at blogging. :)

What's your new job by the way?

Anonymous said...

welcome back Jonny !


Martyn said...

Welcome back Jon, its been a long time coming. I look forward to reading your future posts. Any footie ones planned.

Jon said...

So long since I blogged that I forget about comments - thanks all.

Now to pick things up a little bit!