Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Thai police as you've never seen them before

Great video and idea behind this, no sure if it was deliberate but I rate this promotion of Thailand well above any of the events that have been hastily arranged to forget recent atrocities in Bangkok and beyond - even in Saraburi held a concert at the army base where a leading profession had been held, without charge, promoting massive negative media focus.

The video has proved so popular the Associated Press has even written about it - see here - after it hit 250,000 views on YouTube.

May I present the Thai you've never seen them before (I hope)...covering K-Pop band Super Junior...

As you may know my father in law is a senior policeman.

He thought this was great and event started joining in the moves, ably assisted by his young grandson with a penchant for singing, dancing and general showmanship.

Am working on convincing him to commission a retake on this from the boys at this station...would be amazing, though they aren't quite as photogenic as this bunch.

Stay tuned for the Nong Khae Saraburi version...


Martyn said...

Jon I like the video and the boys in brown are certainly rivals for the 'Laughing Policeman', in fact they'd give the Keystone Cops a run for their money in the entertainment stakes. Talent wise they've got a chance but I personally wouldn't put 'SE' before their X Factor.

I reckon your father in law might be taking up aerobic classes soon.

Thai Guys said...

This is great to see, my wife just wrote about this video early in the Thai though :>)
You can see it here...เฮ้อ-ทำไปได้/

New stars in the making? We'll be waiting anxiously for the Nong Khae Saraburi remix!

Per Henrik Johansen said...

Yes! The Nong Khae version is a must!