Sunday, 28 March 2010

Learn Thai on YouTube

There are lots of good websites to help learn Thai, but often they can be difficult to get into or stay focused on, particularly for beginners.

If you are starting from scratch, I highly recommend that, amongst other sites, you check out Bon on YouTube.

I first picked up on her when a few prominent Twitter users championed her spoof videos - which are pretty amusing, but in Thai on JaideeTV (though one is translated here on Thai101) - although cleverly Bon is using them to get attention and viewers at her YouTube channel, where I found some excellent and interesting videos for beginners.

She also has a recently established a blog (which has already racked up an impressive 5,000 + hits in March alone), a Facebook page and offers lessons over Skype - an excellent business, I'm sure.

All in all, worth a look if you're struggling to get into the basics.

(She's also made it to CNNGo too)

Here's an example, this is the first video lesson which gives some background and some (very) easy starting points.


martyn said...

Jon I like the cool way Bon puts the lesson over in the video. It's a very basic lesson ' pom chob Angelina Jodie' but a start for beginners.

I checked out Bon's blog and I have bookmarked it. So far the vocabulary is simple but there are still some good tips there. I'll keep checking out this one because thanks to you I'm in at the start and that's a good way to progress. I also think Bon's a rather cool looking chick.

Mike said...

Jon this looks like a good resource thanks for sharing.

Just wish my Internet connection was a bit quicker-rubbish for streaming!

Catherine said...

I was soooooooo glad to see your review of Learn Thai the Bon's Way. She's put a lot of work into her materials, and deserves to get her name out there.

There are miles of learning Thai videos on YouTube, but most creaters quit early. But maybe if we support their efforts, they will continue the good work.

Jon said...

Hey Martyn,

Absolutely agree the approach is quite relevant to the audience, something which can be difficult for Thai lessons.

I'm with you, she is a bit of a looker too ;)


Which company has the pleasure of providing your access? I switched to TOT and the difference is noticeably improved.

Hi Catherine,

Agree re YouTube, I remember you flagging a great video for learning the alphabet a while back, ก ไก่ goes on an adventure into the forest. Used it myself and will be good for the little fella, in time.

Bon is doing a great job and catering for a fairly unserved audience - the beginners - in a unique and relevant way.

Cassie said...

I know learning Thai is a lot easier if you can see the person speaking and you see it right in front of you.. This is a great idea, and relevant indeed..

Thai Language School

livinghour said...

Those videos are entertaining and good. We have a new small press specializing in Thai language books that cover colloquial Thai that other books don't cover, if you would like to check it out: