Saturday, 23 January 2010

A new arrival in the family

This blog isn't dead, it is just getting used to sharing the attention with another member of the family.

Once all settles down Jonny Foreigner will back to normal again, for now he's hugging his tear-soaked pillow tightly, reflecting the days as an only-child blog.

Social media blogging has been a twinkle in my eye for a while.

Last month I began with a few entries on Posterous (a site well worth looking at if you're considering blogging, or expanding the family) and after things began turning out quite well the Posterous sprog grew into the new addition to the blogging family, this social media blog.

The folks at Asian Correspondent have taken an interest in supporting my young new thing too, certainly a welcome boost.

So if you're interested in Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, keeping tabs on regular internet and technology news in Thailand, or just wondering why this blog has suffered with few updates - head over to for a peak at the newborn.

You're welcome any time.

In the meantime, I'll get back to consoling poor little Jonny.


Nick Towers said...

Hey Jon, I don't know how you manage with two blogs, I struggle enough with one. I wondered if you had any tips on how I can work to promote my blog and get it noticed, get it out there?


Jon said...

Hi Nick,

First off, this blog is no shinning example, but I'd recommend producing regular content for starters (so not like JF) while a little self-promotion will go a long way.

Try registering your blog with blog directories: Thailand Voice, mybloglog and are three good examples.

Commenting on other blogs is good to create awareness and meet new people - there are a load of good ones in my blogroll, check them out.

Like the content on your blog btw, is interesting that you spent a lot of time with the hill tribes, not something I've done but would certainly like to.

john said...

more blogs the better as blogs really get pepole intrested more then major websites where the truth is held back to suit there own ends so iam a fan of your blog and many others keep on blogging
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