Friday, 10 July 2009

Unconfirmed second swine flu fatality in Saraburi

Strong rumours suggest Saraburi has had it's second swine flu death with another student from one of city's high school falling victim to the virus.

Despite strong rumours of a second fatality, the school/government/media is yet to acknowledge the first victim, a girl aged 11/12 from Saraburi Witthayakhom school.

The closed before the public holiday last week although local students suggested that this only occurred after senior students threatened to strike following outbreaks of swine flu across the school.

News of the second fatality reached me from city hospital workers from whom I received news of the first death - which, itself is now a locally acknowledged fact.

It would be nice to hear confirmation of the current situation, as both a local resident and father of a young child the situation continues to concern me.

In the meantime, I'll continue wearing the mask to work and will consider renaming this blog to reflect my obsession with the swine-flu situation in my town.


Mike said...

Jon I don't want to worry you but.....according to the BKK Post today or was it the Nation...whatever 30 million of us will get swine flue in Thailand in the next 3 years!

On reflection that probably means 30 million Thais since WE are not really on their radar!

Jon said...

Hey Mike, I'd love to see where they got those figures as that is close to half the population. A BBC interview stated that 98% of people who catch it will recover fully without hospital treatment - of the remaining 2% most will recover with medical attention.

Trust the papers, as it may as well be either/both of them, to come up with such a ridiculous figure.

If it's anything like their editorial process they will have picked a random number, 30 million is nice, even and round right?!

Nevertheless, children under 5 are at risk so my guard remains high, today's business trip to Bangkok is cancelled.

Stay safe Mike!

john said...

getting a little worried buy this swine flu but i wonder is it any more dangerous then normal flu our tb which is on the increase world wide

Martyn said...

Jon I think this swine flu is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. Give it six months and if you haven't had it then I think you will know someone who has. I hope I'm wrong.

quotethai said...

Hey thought this might cheer you up, Remember to wash your hands Jonny!


Jon said...


Thanks for the cheer. I've actually already seen the video, quite amusing tho I can't stand the original.

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