Thursday, 25 June 2009


Issues with Blogger are responsible for any repetitive posts you may have seen from this blog.

Apologies for that.

Once I'm finished wrestling with the format monkeys rest assured I'll have a piece on Saraburi, my hometown in Thailand.


John said...

software is great when it works but a pain when it goes wrong
looking forward to your next post
regards john

Martyn said...

Jon I left a comment on your pancake post and it never appeared, blogger gave the usual message that it would appear after whatever but it never has...perhaps your current problems run a little deeper than you imagine. Good luck sorting it all out, christ I've had some mega headaches with my blog in the past, I know how frustrating it can be. Best wishes from a very warm and sunny England.

Jon said...

No doubt John - as with anything you build a dependency, if it stops working it is a real pain.

Martyn, the comment is on the post as far as I can see. Nice to hear it sunny back in Blighty, here's to a good summer.