Thursday, 16 April 2009

My tea war-chest

Jonny Foreigner has to be a bit cliched sometimes, so here it is. There's something about the English and tea, even in a place as hot as Thailand, we simply love it and I'm not different.

Check out my tea arsenal.

I went dry a few months ago but learnt from the experience and now I've accumulated quite a collection, if I dare say so myself.

The imported lot includes M&S from the parents and the delectable Boh Cameronian from my brother courtesy of his 'Escape From Blighty World Tour Extravaganza' (TM).

Closer to home Tesco Lotus has provided a little gem with its organic tea (recycled box to boot), geat quality and a bargain at 70 baht, around £1.50 - highly recommended. As for the cheapo Tesco box, the contents is pretty hideous by English standards but better than nothing out here.

Anyone else got a tea collection worth shouting about?


Ben Shingleton said...

Classic and important post Johnny, where would us Brits be without our tea? I have often cracked when realising the teabags have all gone, and that I need to drive 25mins to the nearest Tesco. damn those 3 in 1 nescafe coffee things, and damn those naff 7/11's that don't stock decent tea (incidentally I appreciate your tea stack - great idea. I myself drink the Lipmans tea brand, yellow packet, but have just moved onto some other tea which I mistook for Lipmans as they are such similar packaging, Milk Tea or sommet? Dunno, it tastes pretty alright....) Bottom line. Don't forget the tea.....

Mike said...

Jon I am with you on this one. Like Ben I prefer Lipmans here. I too once made the mistake of buying "milk tea."

martyn said...

When in Thailand and I'm at our village house, then I'm definitely a Lipman's man, although I thought it was Lipton's. I sometimes slip a box of English tea into my suitcase, along with curry paste, cheese, whoops a bottle of Jack fell in as well. I also take a few packets of good cheese savoury biscuits, at times in the village they are a life saver for me.

Jon said...

Thanks for the comments guys, have had major issues accessing (and staying on) the blog hence late response.

Ben, I'm firmly with you on the 3 in 1 Nescafe's, hideously sweet and far removed from any 'coffee' I've ever tasted. Thais love it though!

As for milk tea, agree it's pretty woeful. Like you Mike, I made the mistake of half looking and buying it, learnt my lesson.

Is it Lipton's or Lipman's, I never really noticed?!

Do your bags have room for any clothes, Martyn? Agree with all your selection bar the Jack - the whiskey here is to die for, does enough for me.

Only other delicacy not mentioned is Mylo chocolate drink - a serious daily vice for me.

X said...

nope. with my recent acquision in syria though i'm going to try and build up finland's largest shisha tobacco collection