Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Finally putting good Jonny to bed...

This blog is more than five years old (!) but it has practically been dormant since 2010 when I (finally) left Saraburi to live in Bangkok.

My life in Thailand has changed immeasurably since then. I have another child, a different job, new apartments, different lifestyle, am 30 (plus) etc, so I figured it is time to officially put this blog to bed. The site will remain open -- I'm still amazed that it gets a decent number of visitors and people regularly email me about Saraburi (I'm always happy to help where I can) -- but it represents a different time in my life.

Exhibit A: Look how old these rascals are: 3 and 5, to be precise.

You can find me on Twitter (I'm at @jonrussell), and I'm still very much into blogging: I post personal bits from Thailand and beyond to, am busy scribbling tech and Internet-related news stories for The Next Web (my employer)... and I occasionally write short notes on tech in Asia at my blog.

See you around.

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